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The Youth Services Subdivision (YSS) is committed to:

  • Encouraging active involvement of all librarians serving the needs of young people.
  • Upgrading library service in reader and user guidance, reference, programming, public relations, collection development, and departmental management for all users of young people's library resources.
  • Promoting cooperation and communication among librarians and others with mutual concerns.
  • Increasing public awareness of youth services.
  • Promoting quality basic professional education and encourage growth through continuing education.



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The Youth Services Subdivision presents the Quality Time Award to someone who is a positive leader in youth services, who contributes to the library/youth services profession, and who is an overall exemplary professional.

The Youth Services Subdivision also sponsors the Bridge to Reading Picture Book Award.  The Bridge to Reading Picture Book Award purpose is to promote early literacy and reading to children through the introduction of quality picture books nominated by a committee of librarians, teachers, preschool and early literacy leaders. The award book will be chosen based on quality and characteristics of a good "read aloud". The award will engage children in the voting process and develop a lifelong love of books and reading.  Iowa libraries, day cares, and early childhood classrooms are encouraged to read the years selections to kids and allow the kids to vote.


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