ILA Structure


Committees and Subdivisions


  • Community College Librarians’ Roundtable:  Provides an avenue for the exchange of ideas among individuals interested in community college libraries.
  • Government Documents Roundtable:  Promotes government information library service by providing an avenue for discussion of problems, concerns, and exchange of ideas among library staff members working with government information in all types of libraries.
  • Information Technology:  Promotes the exploration of technology in libraries and serves as a clearinghouse for computer information exchange. 
  • Iowa Association for School Librarians:  Promotes life-long learning and literacy in all its forms through active advocacy for school librarians and media specialists, media and technology professionals and library educators.
  • Iowa Chapter of the Association of College and Research Libraries:  Promotes the common interests of libraries and library staff in higher education and independent research facilities and to enhance library service, user education, and staff development in college and research libraries.
  • Iowa Health Sciences Library Association:  Promotes health sciences library services and the exchange of ideas to develop to develop and strengthen relations with cooperative and network activities within Iowa and the nation.
  • Iowa Library Trustees Association:  Promotes the development and improvement of library services throughout Iowa. 
  • Iowa Small Library Association:  Offers a channel for receiving information on issues affecting small public libraries and to provide a means to share problems, solutions, programs, experiences, and ideas of concern to small public libraries.
  • Library Leadership and Management Association (LLAMA):  provide an unparalleled opportunity for library managers, supervisors, and others interested in management issues to develop ways to enhance service, fine tune library advocacy skills, and learn new techniques for staff development.
  • Local History & Genealogy:  Encourages the collection and preservation of items of local interest, as well as facilitates the sharing of information and expertise in the area of local history. 
  • Public Library Forum:  Promotes cooperation and community within the Iowa public library community.
  • Resources and Technical Services Forum:  To discuss, evaluate, and act upon methods and means for providing improved access to, and
    interpretation of, library materials of all types.
  • Student Subdivision:  Seeks to establish opportunities for collaboration among students and current library professionals to enhance student education experiences and create a foundation for a strong, well-connected profession.
  • Youth Services Subdivision:  Promotes active involvement of all librarians serving the need of young people.