Youth Services Subdivision


  • To encourage active involvement of all librarians serving the needs of young people
  • To upgrade library service in reader and user guidance, reference, programming, public relations, collection development, and departmental management for all users of young people’s library resources


  • Provide workshops at the ILA Annual Conference
  • Present the Quality Time Award and the Bridge to Reading Award
  • Offers scholarships to state and national conferences

Who would benefit from membership?

Those who work with children and young adults

Performers Showcase 2019 Recording
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2022 Subdivision Officers

Sheila Olson

Jenn Matters
Vice Chair

Brianne Anderson
Awards Chair

Keri Weston-Stoll

Katie Dreyer
Keeper of Memories

Zach Stier
Exectuive Board Liaison


Click here for a list of subdivision members.


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