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Local History and Genealogy

A Subdivision of the Iowa Library Association

Deciding whether or not to maintain a local history collection for your community is often based on what you already have in your collection and what other organizations in your community are offering. Having a local history collection means giving your community a unique resource that both local residents and visitors will use. Many of those users will be genealogists. Genealogy is one of the most popular hobbies in this country and one that requires a lot of research. Genealogists are frequent library users.

The Local History and Genealogy subdivision's purpose is to encourage the preservation and dissemination of the history of Iowa's libraries, communities, and regions by its libraries. To accomplish that end, the subdivision sponsors sessions at the Iowa Library Association conference on preservation, collection development, archives, genealogy, and more.

Become a member by checking the Local History and Genealogy subdivision on your ILA membership form. By joining, you will insure that there continues to be conference sessions on local history and genealogy topics to help you create and maintain a unique resource for your library and have an opportunity to network with other librarians interested in these topics.

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2010 Sponsored ILA Sessions:

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Genealogical Databases
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Serving Genealogists:  Helping Your Patrons Climb Their  Family Trees
Organizing a Local History Collection in a Small Library

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