2018 ILA Legislative Agenda

March 14 - ILA Legislative Day
Join us in Des Moines on March 14. We will begin with a legislative briefing from members of our ILA Government Affairs Committee and the ILA Lobbyist. The briefing will begin at 3:00 PM in Room 310 of the Ola Miller Babcock Building located across the street from the State Capitol.
Following the briefing, we will walk across the street to the Law Library inside the State Capitol. ILA will host a reception from 4:00 - 6:00 PM. This is an opportunity for ILA members to connect in-person with our elected officials, thank them for their support of libraries, and share concerns and priorities.
Legislative Reception Invite - .jpg format - can be sent to your legislators
Legislative Reception Invite - .pdf format - can be sent to your legislators


CQ Engage - CQ Engage is ILA’s newest tool for helping our members successfully advocate for libraries at the state and national levels. Use CQ Engage to keep informed about important news and bills and to easily contact your representatives when your voice needs to be heard. 


Who can be a library advocate? Anyone who cares about Iowa's libraries!
Library advocates play a key role in educating our communities about why libraries and librarians are essential in an information society. While the Iowa Library Association is ably represented by professional lobbyists, the voices heard from around Iowa make the difference in the success or failure of legislation.
There are many ways to become a library advocate:  
If you are not already a member, join ILA! There is strength in numbers and your voice, when joined with others, makes us all a more powerful force in Des Moines.

Visit the ILA website for the legislative agenda; legislative alerts; and information about organized legislative activities such as Lobby From Home Day and the Legislative Reception.

Get to Know Your Elected Officials. Invite them to library events and add them to your mailing list. Regular communication with key officials and their staff is important year-round. Legislators who know and understand the value of libraries in their community are powerful friends in Des Moines.

Participate in organized legislative events such as Lobby From Home Day and the Legislative Reception.  Regularly check ILA's Legislative Updates to stay up to date on legislative issues.


The Capitol Report

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