2015 Keynote Speakers


Check Out the Keynote Speakers For This Year’s Conference

 Jamie LaRue RFS




Jamie LaRue
Thursday, October 15

Thursday’s keynote speaker, Jamie LaRue, is well known in the library world as a forward thinker. He is also currently a candidate for ALA President. On Jamie’s website he says, "Welcome to the most exciting time in the history, not just of libraries and publishing, not just of community development, but in the history of our species." A dynamic and engaging speaker, you may want to attend his concurrent session, as well.


Ben Bizzle MarApr2015



Ben Bizzle
Friday, October 16

Ben Bizzle, Friday’s keynote speaker and concurrent session presenter, was honored with the 2013 Library Journal Movers and Shakers Award and is the author of the recently published Start a Revolution: Stop Acting Like a Library. He frequently speaks at conferences on technology, marketing, and social media, and has a number of articles published on the topics. Ben is also the creator of his library’s YouTube Comedy series. It might be an indication that his talk, besides being educational, will also be fun.

robin oliveira



Robin Oliveira
Friday, October 16

Robin Oliveira, is the author of the 2015 All Iowa Reads book, My Name is Mary Sutter. It was awarded the 2011 Shaara Prize for Excellence in Civil War fiction. She is looking forward to coming to Iowa to talk about writing this compelling novel at the Friday luncheon, and is also planning a number of visits to libraries across the state.